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Handy blog, very helpful, interesting new stuff every week and also videos, 5 stars!

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Is it okay to get headaches from time to time? What can be a reason for it and how can I resolve it?

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Which service are your using for outsourcing? I’m really interested in your opinion.

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Guys where can I find contact form on your blog? I have some questions.

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Stop using caps lock guys, I can’t read the text well and you give me a headache. Can’t you write normally?

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All of us believe in different superstitions, some superstitions are not harmful and they are even funny while others can actually create a lot of problems.

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If I type too much my fingers start to hurt, any suggestions? Maybe washing hands in warm water? Or hot?

User 899 77690s ago

There are a couple of sounds that can actually decrease stress level, the sound of a heartbeat, the sound of rain and other natural sounds.

User 210 77690s ago

It is totally okay to make mistakes once in a while, but it is totally unacceptable to fail constantly.

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I like rude people at some point, they always say what they have in mind, at least you can know what to expect from them.

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Childhood memories are always brightest ones, they are there for you for the rest of your life and they shine upon you for eternity.

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Just like you told me, changing font solved all problems, thank you, kind sir, for your help.

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Are you into more meat products or vegetables? I myself enjoy vegetables more, plus it is healthy.

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Sadly your solution didn’t help me, sadly I think nothing can resolve my problem.

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I am simple woman, I see awesome quote image I press LIKE : ))

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I can’t even imagine what the world will look like in fifty years, I bet there will be flying cars and things like that.

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Music is all about money, about women, about fame and hardly ever about morality...

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Gamers are awesome, they are friendly, they are positive, but only when you will meet them in real life, in cyberspace things are a LITTLE bit different :D

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Yeah and just when I thought it can't get any worse I started to bald, funny isn’t it?

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Using your article and walkthrough, I’m impressed by the results which I achieved so far.

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I like rude people at some point, they always say what they have in mind, at least you can know what to expect from them.

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Do you ever have feeling like you are living in a virtual space? As if everything is fake and already determined.

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Bug fixing? I hate doing it, why? Because when I fix one bug two more spawn instantly :D

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Love this guide, do you have any social networks? I want to follow you there.

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Splendid, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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Any luck with finding a song which you were looking for? Use Shazam mate.

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I feel like I need more time, more time to clear my head, more time to find new approach and more time to start everything from the beginning.

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How do I turn off notifications? They keep popping out during gaming and it is extremely annoying.

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I don't have any faith is social media platforms, people there are usually fake. If you want a real relationship, you should meet them in person.

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Rest assure I will do my best, but give me more details please so I can work with it well.

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Yet another epic article from you, once again on point, and once again useful.

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What is your MMR in Dota? Mine is over 4.3K, I’m proud of my results : )

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I’m so excited, I’m starting my new project related with programming and it is my favorite subject.

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My sources are my secret, all you have to know about them is that they are correct.