Lava 16

User 493 81226s ago

Come on guys, it’s not like we haven’t been in this situation before. Just focus your attention and work for the solution just like before.

User 372 81226s ago

Does anyone know what is secret behind repeating numbers? What kind of phenomena is it and why they appear?

User 442 81226s ago

So did PewdiePie lose to T-series after all, I enjoyed this battle the most : D

User 594 81226s ago

I have just finished downloading game updates, add me to discord and let's play together okay?

User 68 81226s ago

I like pragmatic people, it is always easier to find common ground with them and they are good interlocutors.

User 240 81226s ago

I have an awesome profile, I have answered a lot of problems and I have many likes.

User 532 81226s ago

And how is it relevant today? Things changed so much after all these years.

User 243 81226s ago

I like people with good sense of humor, they are funny and pleasant to talk with.

User 387 81226s ago

Spread this thread guys, it is working solution and it will help a lot of people.

User 891 81226s ago

My left headphone lost sound, is there any simple fix for it? Or should I buy new one?

User 124 81226s ago

Which TV shows was the most mysterious one? I think it was Lost.

User 837 81226s ago

I’m always ready to give helping hand, but I need some vacation as well, I get tired from too much work.

User 587 81226s ago

Calm, keep calm guys, avoid conflicts and don’t pay attention to dumb people.

User 610 81226s ago

List all your problems in comments, we don’t have contact form yet, so we have to do it this way.

User 102 81226s ago

You are so naïve, you really think that they will let you to have it your way?

User 970 81226s ago

Now this is what I call quality blog with no BS and only facts, my respect m8.

User 994 81226s ago

I have feelings and emotions like any other human being, but their role in my decision making is nearly zero.

User 449 81226s ago

Why I can bring old times back? Why I can’t feel same way as I used to? Where is solution to this problem?

User 30 81226s ago

I love to work, I love to do interesting stuff and see results from it, this is really entertaining.

User 534 81226s ago

Watched yet another anime show yesterday, whole 20 episodes per one day, I still got it : D

User 436 81226s ago

Absolutely terrifying, imagine someone as unprofessional as him leading another project, it will be disaster.

User 118 81226s ago

That awkward moment when you are introvert and you want some attention as well.

User 482 81226s ago

Never mind what he said, I still think that your blog is the best, this is exactly why I visit it on a daily basis.

User 241 81226s ago

My music taste? I love quality music actually, all genres are okay for me and I don't have a specific taste.

User 254 81226s ago

Unreal experience, diving is my favorite thing, now I will officially list it in one of my hobbies.

User 533 81226s ago

James is not happy about it, but Sally loved this idea of yours. We will have to find some consensus regarding this issue.

User 405 81226s ago

You nailed it, well done. I resolved this issue using another option, but your method is interesting as well.

User 867 81226s ago

Done, I’m done, why would you try to talk common sense to stupid people? They lack ability to learn...

User 177 81226s ago

We need more people on this forum in order to keep it alive, we need more open conversations!

User 193 81226s ago

Kids don’t read these days and they don’t play on playgrounds anymore.

User 994 81226s ago

Guys, if you want to achieve your goals don't talk about them, instead, work as hard as you can. I know that it is not easy, but I am sure that it worth it in the end.

User 853 81226s ago

Bug fixing? I hate doing it, why? Because when I fix one bug two more spawn instantly :D

User 257 81226s ago

I do love painting and I do love art in general, but my schedule doesn’t allow me to spend much time with my hobbies.

User 188 81226s ago

I salute all the fellow gamers out there who don't rage and just play their role without trash talking.

User 629 81226s ago

People think I’m too cold, well I’m introvert, what did you expect from me?

User 524 81226s ago

Job done, fixed your issue, I hope it will resolve the problem for good, if you have any further problems let me know.

User 207 81226s ago

Where do you resolve your programming issues usually? I use the help of Stack Overflow, they are AWESOME!

User 164 81226s ago

I had the same kind of problem, do you know how I managed to fix it? Myself, by doing some online research.

User 950 81226s ago

Electronic music is good only when it is not monotonic, when it has different rhythms, etc.

User 959 81226s ago

Just use help from professional bloggers, they know how to fix different issues.

User 689 81226s ago

Do you by chance have any social network? I can’t spend time to read here, but I can definitely follow your status updates.

User 909 81226s ago

So any theories what One Piece can actually be? Some say that it is information, information about the world, sounds so mysterious and interesting right?

User 529 81226s ago

My neighborhood looks so different from above, just finished recording my local area with drone, footage is awesome, wanna see it?

User 512 81226s ago

New here, hope you guys will help me with coding, I really need your help and your advice.

User 583 81226s ago

Hmm, let me think, so I can safely say that I love to play Impossible Quiz, quiz games in general are my thing.

User 931 81226s ago

Any good game suggestions in the Steam client? I enjoy first-person shooting games.

User 64 81226s ago

Like where’s the rush? Wait little bit, we will find fix for your problem, I promise.