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User 345 85177s ago

I love Japan people, they are so peaceful, so calm and polite. Amazing society indeed.

User 643 85177s ago

Where do you get your facts? They usually are on point and I wanted to know your sources.

User 96 85177s ago

Had some doubts before, but now when I look on your blog, I understand that it was great idea to invest in your project.

User 989 85177s ago

So you lost your file and you want to blame it on me? Don’t you have shame mate?

User 488 85177s ago

You made tremendous mistake by saying that you are open to new ideas, now people will flood your inbox with their suggestions.

User 369 85177s ago

If you say so… Some people are so insecure and easy to trigger…

User 792 85177s ago

How to avoid conflicts? You can’t, at least not all the time. There will be situation when you just have protect what is precious for you.

User 94 85177s ago

As if I had not enough work, now I also have to start yet another project and finish it before winter.

User 579 85177s ago

Summer, kind of love it kind of hate it, I have mixed feelings about it.

User 958 85177s ago

Some quote images are so touching and sad, I can hardly hold my tears, I guess I am way too emotional.

User 769 85177s ago

Anyone believes in supernatural stuff? I had couple of incidents in my life that made me believer.

User 885 85177s ago

I read this article and I understand all details in it, but I have problem with memorizing information.

User 614 85177s ago

Gaming is awesome way to remove stress and to relax, I tried it myself, works like a charm.

User 222 85177s ago

I have high hopes for VR technology, I see the full potential of it in education, medicine, science, etc.

User 306 85177s ago

Ready or not here my comment comes, awesome post with decent writing skills, well-done m8.

User 937 85177s ago

I never thought that story of Joker was so sad, I just watched new movies and I am still under impression.

User 93 85177s ago

Wait for a second, I know this solution, I came up with it a couple of years ago, good to see that other people figured it out as well.

User 779 85177s ago

Guys your writing skills are on level, where did you learned so much about blogging?

User 296 85177s ago

I love to read detectives, my favorite one is Sherlock Holmes. Which one is yours?

User 26 85177s ago

Guys just give me little bit of more time, I will find solution and post it in this thread, be patient.

User 467 85177s ago

I think life is like a ride, like carousel, it is so bright, so full of colors and entertaining that we are forgetting main purpose of it…

User 585 85177s ago

I don’t want to say it, but I told you so and you didn’t listen; now suffer the consequences.

User 585 85177s ago

I mean sure things change, I understand that but do we really need to throw our old values completely? I don't think so...

User 346 85177s ago

I feel like I am weirdo, I mean if I will compare my mindset to others I will look like a white crow…

User 508 85177s ago

Basic education is so important, yet our education system completely ignores it.

User 823 85177s ago

It’s not like I’m depressed or something, it is actually more that I don’t find it funny anymore, I get bored really quickly.

User 228 85177s ago

People don’t read books anymore, they think that reading is not in trend, as if being smart is a matter of being trendy. Some people are so… weird…

User 409 85177s ago

So did PewdiePie lose to T-series after all, I enjoyed this battle the most : D

User 457 85177s ago

Bought it years ago, I still that it was my best investment.

User 311 85177s ago

Where can I find hunted house in LA? I’m looking for adrenaline : D

User 476 85177s ago

I have seen people doing mind-blowing stunts with snowboard, I want to learn it as well…

User 73 85177s ago

I prefer to be different, but to keep my personal characters as well.

User 115 85177s ago

Online relationship? Do people still believe that it is possible to get to know someone via online forums?

User 917 85177s ago

Popularity is not worth it, so much stress, headache and different troubles...