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User 513 81118s ago

How to schedule your work time? I have a huge problem with time management, I would love to use some app to calculate my time.

User 741 81118s ago

My playlist is kind of outdated and old, can anyone help me to update it and include new trending songs?

User 330 81118s ago

I think I improved my gaming skills over the time, took me a while, but result was worth it in the end.

User 512 81118s ago

It worked well for me, thank you sir, you are life savior!

User 732 81118s ago

Everything will be fine in the end, if it is not fine then it is not the end, I love this quote so much, who is the author?

User 679 81118s ago

So... where can I subscribe to your service? You have dedicated customer here : D

User 457 81118s ago

In this article, last paragraph is so true, its story of my life...

User 491 81118s ago

I don't like it when people give me two possible choices... I always thought that there were more, you just have to look better.

User 482 81118s ago

We can’t repeat old mistakes, we can’t afford being wrong again, too much is at stake.

User 969 81118s ago

I usually don’t get cold, maybe because I am a huge fan of garlic, it also scares vampires away : D

User 323 81118s ago

Shut up and take my money, your service is amazing, you don’t have to prove anything else anymore.

User 575 81118s ago

I love to watch hilarious TV shows, it really helps me to relax and destress after a long day.

User 761 81118s ago

I have the same issue as you, I am afraid of loud noises and it makes me nervous.

User 388 81118s ago

I admit it, I missed you so much and I’m really glad to see you after all these years.

User 127 81118s ago

The planet is changing, it is obvious and unfortunately, it is changing in a bad way!

User 47 81118s ago

Where else can I follow your blog guys? FB? Twitter? Other platforms?

User 819 81118s ago

Did you hear news guys? We are going to have two more space tourists next year. I wish I could have space travel as well, sadly it is very expensive...

User 39 81118s ago

It is ok to doubt what you have been taught to believe.

User 940 81118s ago

I remember time when I used to play shooting games with arrow buttons, I was noob back then.

User 318 81118s ago

What I love the most about 9GAG? Community and their comments, of course, they are so funny : D

User 709 81118s ago

I did change the keyboard, but it still works badly, can it be related to a bad manufacturer or something else?

User 90 81118s ago

End of the story, just like that my favorite TV show ended and it left a big void in my heart…

User 578 81118s ago

Real issue is lack of motivation, we don’t know where we are going and we don’t know what we want.

User 316 81118s ago

Erm what? WHAT? HOW? Sorry for caps, but this advice is so simple and yet it works.

User 592 81118s ago

Loved it, I want to see more guides like this, they are just amazing = )

User 543 81118s ago

It was so sad when the Indian Lunar mission failed, people had such high hopes and it was all broken.

User 239 81118s ago

Once one wise person said that bad peace is always better than good war and he was right about it.

User 298 81118s ago

Got Facebook page? I want to follow your update and would love to know if you have any.

User 912 81118s ago

Add to it my solution as well, I want some fame and attention = D

User 141 81118s ago

Remember guys not to spend too much time at your computer, get some walk or something from time to time.

User 758 81118s ago

I hate it when I have no idea what to do, too much free time is almost as bad as lack of it.

User 435 81118s ago

I don’t like to give fake promises, I like to say it as it is, harsh truth, people hate me for that.

User 249 81118s ago

Must be really hard to learn as much as you know, how much time did it cost you?

User 741 81118s ago

Nice, pretty good actually, I will bookmark this page, whenever I have a need for new updates I will come here.

User 289 81118s ago

I’m bloggers as well and I enjoy writing articles, but my talent is pathetic compared to yours.

User 381 81118s ago

But but I thought it was impossible and here you are doing exactly that impossible with such an ease.

User 973 81118s ago

It changes nothing actually, we still have so many things to do, it will take the whole day.

User 370 81118s ago

Some historical facts were predicted a long time ago before it happened, sometimes I get feeling like we are living in some sort of written script and just follow it all the time.

User 70 81118s ago

The only thing that I love about the summer is that during this season you can enjoy sea vacation, otherwise, I have hot days.

User 819 81118s ago

Handy blog, very helpful, interesting new stuff every week and also videos, 5 stars!

User 26 81118s ago

I do get upset from times to times and it is normal, we all have some bad days, right?

User 762 81118s ago

It was so sad when the Indian Lunar mission failed, people had such high hopes and it was all broken.

User 248 81118s ago

Value your free time while you still have it, one day it can all change.

User 307 81118s ago

I like to explore mysterious places, ghost houses, some cursed locations and other weird places, what about you?

User 851 81118s ago

Humans are unique beings, they all have different point of view and they all think that their point of view is the correct one and everyone else is wrong.

User 589 81118s ago

Love this guide, do you have any social networks? I want to follow you there.

User 123 81118s ago

Think about it this way, if you would have tried the second option, then you would run into another update error.