Night Sky 23

User 385 82878s ago

Nope memes are so funny : D I laugh every time when I see one.

User 934 82878s ago

Funny how nearly all articles on this blog are super high quality. Are all you writers so smart?

User 970 82878s ago

Kids these days are not as active as we used to be in the past, it can cause pretty bad health issues.

User 292 82878s ago

This thread is really interesting, but I was hoping to see information about new Half Life 3.

User 331 82878s ago

Your favorite legend? In my case it is the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, I wonder what this place is and what hidden secrets it has.

User 888 82878s ago

Does anyone know about 2048 Dota? This game is pure gold, I enjoy it so much.

User 111 82878s ago

With all these new movies I feel like I have nothing to watch, all new movies lack sense and focus on special effects… Old movies were far better.

User 423 82878s ago

Start of Lost was so good and ending was awful, just like in GoT, LOL.

User 272 82878s ago

So if I got your words correctly, you want to do nothing and earn respect anyway? It doesn’t work this way.

User 353 82878s ago

Downloading the update, it will take a while, meanwhile, you guys can play without me.

User 211 82878s ago

I still lack basic knowledge, this is problematic because without basic knowledge I can’t learn complicated stuff.

User 607 82878s ago

Adventure games are so awesome, especially if there are dangerous missions along the way.

User 480 82878s ago

Great, my wallet is completely worn out, where can I find a new one with decent quality?

User 446 82878s ago

I just came here to read comments and have fun, but I got here too early I see.

User 47 82878s ago

My 10 years old son can also build simple model of airplane, we share same hobby : )

User 907 82878s ago

Which superstitions do you believe guys? In my case, it is related to salt, like if you will drop salt it can cause bad luck.

User 568 82878s ago

Do you believe in magic? I do, I think that strong faith in something can materialize our feelings and thoughts.

User 925 82878s ago

Can you guys bring updates more often, like couple of times per week would be awesome.

User 543 82878s ago

Did you see what Apple did? They are selling stand for 999$ WHAT THE HECK??