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User 466 77530s ago

Life is full of temporary situations, ultimately ending in a permanent solution.

User 870 77530s ago

Some days I have a headache for no reason, it must be one of those magnetic days or something.

User 370 77530s ago

Rest assured I will watch this movie and I will let you know about my opinion.

User 446 77530s ago

I love my cat so much, I think pets change us in a good way, they bring positivity in our lives.

User 411 77530s ago

Silly people, you still don’t see what is a problem with your judgment? Think guys, it is very simple…

User 452 77530s ago

Thank me later, let’s just fix it first and see what causes the error, maybe it is no big deal.

User 603 77530s ago

Gaining weight? A lot of people have the same problem, sadly there is no ultimate solution, you just have to keep diet and workout.

User 943 77530s ago

Yo, awesome blog mate, do you write articles yourself? You are talented!

User 383 77530s ago

Since I am a huge fan of sports games I always play Return Man when I have free time.

User 486 77530s ago

Craziness is to repeat same mistake over and over again and expect different results.

User 838 77530s ago

Got Facebook page? I want to follow your update and would love to know if you have any.

User 468 77530s ago

My kid just deleted all of my files, please I beg you, someone, tell me what can be done, I use Mac.

User 423 77530s ago

Oh I remember this, old childhood memories… I used to play with it so much and I loved it. Wish I could bring old times back.

User 344 77530s ago

I just came here to read comments and have fun, but I got here too early I see.

User 380 77530s ago

I don't trust people that talk about other people while they are with me, I am pretty sure that they will do the same thing to me when I am not around.

User 768 77530s ago

I remember that prices on the products weren't this high before, what happened to our economy people?

User 977 77530s ago

I enjoy your artwork, you have unique style.

User 393 77530s ago

I have new haircut and I can almost feel how people give me weird glance, wonder if it is because of new haircut.

User 432 77530s ago

I did delete temp files from my computer, but my computer still works slowly, this is awful.

User 731 77530s ago

Why would you delete it? Problem wasn’t really associated with that particular file mate, it is was system that has failed.

User 419 77530s ago

You are really smart aren’t you? I know it, because I have read your articles before.

User 945 77530s ago

Challenging games are so interesting, you can always challenge your friends there : D

User 975 77530s ago

I have spent so much time in quarantine, I think I have already forgotten what it is like to live normally.

User 502 77530s ago

I prefer natural beauty over surgery, it is more pleasant personally for me.

User 230 77530s ago

I can't play your guessing games right now, I am too tired and too sleepy for it.

User 84 77530s ago

I started to use two monitors lately, I use them for my work, it really helps me with project building.

User 236 77530s ago

Change your mindset buddy, work harder, avoid comfort zone and you will find your success for sure.

User 765 77530s ago

Took me a while to realize that my keyboard was not printing one of the letters.

User 897 77530s ago

Is it true that you can charge your phone faster if it is turned off?

User 792 77530s ago

How to make the world a better place? It is easy, everyone should do his/her job and don't disturb other people from them doing the same thing.

User 606 77530s ago

Searched for your blog for a long time, too bad I noticed it so late.

User 256 77530s ago

I have new haircut and I can almost feel how people give me weird glance, wonder if it is because of new haircut.

User 304 77530s ago

Oh cool, tomorrow we will have yet another One Piece episode, can't wait till tomorrow.

User 585 77530s ago

It is ok to doubt what you have been taught to believe.

User 523 77530s ago

Handy blog, very helpful, interesting new stuff every week and also videos, 5 stars!

User 902 77530s ago

I avoid deleting OS as much as I can, otherwise it takes too much time.

User 244 77530s ago

Checking your ticket now, I will try to debug it later. Tell me your e-mail and I will send you update.

User 266 77530s ago

What is your secret? You are never tired and you are always in a good mood and your motivation has no boundaries.

User 424 77530s ago

I’m looking for good forum suggestions, I’m interested in PC games. Looking forward to your replies guys.

User 463 77530s ago

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts, while others come into our lives and make us wanna leave footprints on their face.

User 882 77530s ago

You don’t leave me any other options, do you? Okay, I will play with you in Tekken tonight.

User 75 77530s ago

Hey, you there, hope you are doing well : ) Keep scrolling : )