Mountains 21

User 640 83336s ago

Guys where can I find how many people play World of Warcraft?

User 643 83336s ago

Too slow, site load speed is too slow guys, talk to your hosting provider.

User 912 83336s ago

Any good game suggestions in the Steam client? I enjoy first-person shooting games.

User 436 83336s ago

I want to learn programming more than anything else, I want to be able to freely write different software.

User 161 83336s ago

Ooopsie, he is angry now, run for your life, RUN! Me is WoW raid = D

User 798 83336s ago

At this moment we have up to 400 employees, we often make different competitions and people are more motivated, I suggest you use the same method.

User 645 83336s ago

Just focus on your thing, I can handle my part without problem.

User 118 83336s ago

My favorite font? Well, I like using Calibri, it is clean and reads really well.

User 818 83336s ago

So anyone has any idea why people are losing their minds over cryptocurrencies?

User 403 83336s ago

Dream job? I am a lucky one, I work in the IT sector and my hobby is programming, cool right?

User 468 83336s ago

Never mind what I said before, things changed and it is time to find new ways of approach.

User 855 83336s ago

I always loved web-design, I always appreciated opportunities which it could offer, you can get in touch with millions of people instantly.

User 276 83336s ago

Hard to stop playing after achieving so much and earning so many resources.

User 836 83336s ago

That ending of GOT, I mean what was that??? Why? How?

User 147 83336s ago

I don’t like to give fake promises, I like to say it as it is, harsh truth, people hate me for that.

User 799 83336s ago

Where can I learn more about you? Please add some About us page guys, it is really helpful.

User 522 83336s ago

Most of us here are for solution, we are trying to fix our problems and we hope to find some advice from you.

User 318 83336s ago

Can’t tell you when or where exactly, but I have read similar article in the past, I’m 100% sure about it.

User 317 83336s ago

When did you last have a deep conversation with someone? I believe it was a long time ago.

User 919 83336s ago

Diving is like visiting another world, another reality, it totally blows my mind every single time.

User 123 83336s ago

I can’t get enough of animes which are about main characters trapped in video games.

User 564 83336s ago

Where can I find good teammates for Dota 2? I’m tired from noobs...

User 592 83336s ago

Have you seen that funny meme about aliens and dubstep? It was so hilarious : D

User 365 83336s ago

Any good speakers here? Want to buy 5.1 sound system, any suggestions or offers are more than welcome.

User 545 83336s ago

Imagine being so lazy that you spend all day long in bed, ME = D

User 155 83336s ago

Which programming language should I learn? Which one is more useful and helpful these days?

User 233 83336s ago

I got red-faced, never felt so humiliated before, this situation… I just want to delete this moment from my life.

User 143 83336s ago

I really wanted to learn to program during childhood, it is a really hard subject.

User 366 83336s ago

I just watched short movies named Coda from YouTube (it is about death) and it was very impressive.

User 197 83336s ago

Different political chaotic situations in different countries all around the world make me nervous.

User 835 83336s ago

Wash your hands before dinner, don't let bad bacterias to harm your immune system.

User 422 83336s ago

So, any news on No Game No Life anime? Where can we expect a new season? I’m tired of waiting.

User 68 83336s ago

In fourth paragraph you have spelling mistake, fix it please, it hurts my sight.

User 533 83336s ago

I feel like I am weirdo, I mean if I will compare my mindset to others I will look like a white crow…

User 861 83336s ago

I hate fast food and I hate other drinks with sugar, they are very harmful and bring heart related diseases.

User 559 83336s ago

Looking for some suggestions, where should I spend my summer holidays? Any nice place around here?

User 614 83336s ago

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User 872 83336s ago

I really love Outlander, it is awesome TV show, so much history and drama in it. I really love such shows.