Weight of Thought_ 34

User 698 78673s ago

I entered the wrong password three times in a row, now I have to wait 10 minutes to unlock it.

User 986 78673s ago

Lonely, I feel kind of lonely, but I also prefer to keep the distance with people, what do you call such a case?

User 361 78673s ago

Breakdance was a lot more popular in the past, what happened? People are less attracted to it nowadays.

User 55 78673s ago

There are good people and bad people in all nations, that doesn’t mean that the whole nation is either good or bad, this very simple rule seems too hard for some people to understand…

User 760 78673s ago

My music taste? I love quality music actually, all genres are okay for me and I don't have a specific taste.

User 303 78673s ago

Talent is wonderful thing, sadly most of us have 0 talent. I wish I hate talent for painting.

User 204 78673s ago

The only thing that I love about the summer is that during this season you can enjoy sea vacation, otherwise, I have hot days.

User 980 78673s ago

I’m looking for professional music teacher, I want to learn playing on piano.

User 183 78673s ago

Detailed article, it helped a lot, idk why people here are so upset.

User 580 78673s ago

A lot of work is ahead of us, it will take us some time to increase our gaming skills, but we will get there, trust me.

User 105 78673s ago

Can’t believe my eyes, you ignored all my advices and made huge mess from our project, how could you?

User 808 78673s ago

How do you think, what it takes to be a decent person? Things have changed dramatically if you will compare it to the past…

User 412 78673s ago

Do you by chance have any social network? I can’t spend time to read here, but I can definitely follow your status updates.

User 892 78673s ago

Which multiplayer game is more enjoyable for you? I used to play HL2 DM in the past, today I don't play that much.

User 379 78673s ago

Fantastic mood I’m having right now, Friday + vacation and salary : D

User 536 78673s ago

Find purpose in life, seriously you won’t feel depressed at all if you will manage to find purpose in life.

User 703 78673s ago

You nailed it, well done. I resolved this issue using another option, but your method is interesting as well.

User 606 78673s ago

Walking in the woods, breathing fresh air, eating healthy food - priceless experience my friends, priceless experience...

User 10 78673s ago

So when I start up my PC my monitor is not working properly, but it all is fixed by itself after working for 15 minutes or so. What can be problem?

User 742 78673s ago

I have done research on this subject, I know what I’m talking about, you can trust me on this issue.

User 627 78673s ago

I’m just waiting for him to come online, after that we can have co-op match.

User 461 78673s ago

Where can I find hunted house in LA? I’m looking for adrenaline : D

User 851 78673s ago

My goodness, what we are doing to Mother Nature, environment is dying and so are we with it.

User 341 78673s ago

Not so long ago you were playing as well, but sadly you don’t have time for games these days do you?

User 15 78673s ago

Main benefits of long walks? Well, first of all, you drop extra weight, and it also helps you to relax and lower your blood pressure.

User 314 78673s ago

Anyone knows here Photoshop? I need some small help, won’t take a long time I promise = D

User 351 78673s ago

My hair is kind of dry, I wonder which shampoo can fix this… Any suggestions? Maybe someone knows?

User 564 78673s ago

Commons mistake people make when they see anime, they think that it is a cartoon, however, there is a huge difference.

User 439 78673s ago

Building my new project according to your tips, so far everything goes as planned. Thanks.

User 355 78673s ago

What is your favorite number? Mine is seven, some people say that numbers have magical powers and they can tell a lot about personality.

User 464 78673s ago

My choice landed on new GTA after all, I thought about it for a while and I have decided to stick with this game for next month or so.

User 252 78673s ago

Did you notice how popular gaming has become? Millions of people play different games on daily basis.

User 9 78673s ago

My wallet is pretty much worn out, I plan to get a new one, any suggestions guys?

User 814 78673s ago

Cats are so adorable, they really save me from my stressful everyday routine.

User 430 78673s ago

Horror movies are awesome, especially when you are watching it in the cinema.

User 688 78673s ago

Do you believe in mysterious things? Like in ghosts and things like that? I do, I believe.

User 376 78673s ago

Funny how people already forgot how bankers left us with nothing during previous economy crisis. You really think that things will be different this time?

User 514 78673s ago

Working faster, doing better, motivating other, expending horizons, finding new ways.

User 561 78673s ago

I wish I could build huge shelter for stray dogs and cats, but I’m not really that much rich sadly…

User 781 78673s ago

I just can’t wait anymore, I wait and wait for the new crypto bull run and all I get instead is a constant bear market.

User 823 78673s ago

What’s with XRP price? All other coins are maxing 2x and this one is stuck.

User 889 78673s ago

Try to change something in your lifestyle, change your schedule, get in touch with new people, etc.