Woods 35

User 102 80746s ago

It’s been a long time, since I have last held in my hands phone with buttons, funny feeling LOL.

User 475 80746s ago

It is such a waste of time, I’m too tired from this fake ****, I will let it go, I promise you...

User 636 80746s ago

So there is new Wano Arc in OP and I’m so excited and impressed with it...

User 361 80746s ago

Well, who is the author of this blog? This article is just mind-blowing, it explains everything so well.

User 749 80746s ago

I hate my work, they blocked browser games and I can no longer enjoy them, they were so awesome…

User 935 80746s ago

I love to exercise, but I usually can’t find time for it, my work schedule is insane.

User 44 80746s ago

Pretty interesting solution, what about already deleted driver files which can’t be recovered?

User 336 80746s ago

We all should have the opportunity to get a two-week vacation once every 4-5 month, otherwise, life is really hard.

User 82 80746s ago

It really doesn’t matter if you will vote for democrats or republicans, none of them can solve your everyday life issues

User 44 80746s ago

Guys try to find a job which you love, if you have a choice between your hobby-related work and boring work but with a big salary pick the first one, you will enjoy life more this way.

User 757 80746s ago

That moment when you finally go to sleep after a long day of work and your neighbor starts to listen to loud music, aghhh some people, smh.

User 715 80746s ago

Grand finals were awesome, the gameplay was filled with action and thrill, it was awesome show.

User 923 80746s ago

Join our community guys, we have interesting topics and we have professional team which can resolve all of your issues.

User 410 80746s ago

Unreal quality of the image, love details, love colors and everything.

User 896 80746s ago

I’m pretty sure that robots will take a lot of our current jobs, but I am sure that they will create new jobs, easier ones for us. Just like it happened before.

User 56 80746s ago

When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.

User 656 80746s ago

Guys just give me little bit of more time, I will find solution and post it in this thread, be patient.

User 510 80746s ago

Change your mindset buddy, work harder, avoid comfort zone and you will find your success for sure.

User 668 80746s ago

Unreal quality of the image, love details, love colors and everything.

User 529 80746s ago

I used to learn programming languages in the past, it was a while ago, I have nearly forgotten everything.

User 771 80746s ago

I didn’t expect much from you, but I’m still very upset with your decision.

User 605 80746s ago

Just click the subscribe button and you already shared a new post, how do you people work so fast?

User 611 80746s ago

I don’t like sunny and hot weather, sweat, dust and things like that are not for me, the UK would be awesome place to live (for me).

User 83 80746s ago

I don’t trust polls, they lie very often, they are rigged in the most cases and share false information.

User 315 80746s ago

So what is the main difference between MBR and GPT? I am dumb in computers, someone explain it plz.

User 432 80746s ago

Games are kind of dangerous, on one hand they are entertaining and fun, but on the other hand they can be addicting and take a lot of our time.

User 215 80746s ago

Gaming is awesome way to remove stress and to relax, I tried it myself, works like a charm.

User 496 80746s ago

I finally got it, after all these years, my first VR headset, love it so much!

User 625 80746s ago

Gaming has become part of our lives, some people play all day long, others not so much, but we all had some sort of gaming addiction in the past.

User 325 80746s ago

Space traveling will become affordable in the future and we can have space tourism finally, just imagine opportunities it can offer us.

User 655 80746s ago

I just can’t stop listening to ambient music, I can’t get enough of it, ambient music is a gift of God.

User 583 80746s ago

How do you manage to overcome your fear of flight? I don't, I just put on my headphones and I try to sleep.

User 127 80746s ago

I feel discomfort when I have to eat next to strangers, I feel much better alone.

User 906 80746s ago

I really love car games and racing games, cool vehicles, nitro boosters, etc. Racing games are life!

User 787 80746s ago

We all are so wise, when we talk about other’s problems and so stupid when we are trying to handle our own problems.

User 382 80746s ago

Not so long ago you were playing as well, but sadly you don’t have time for games these days do you?

User 235 80746s ago

Don't read if you have a headache, it will worsen your condition.

User 148 80746s ago

There are conspiracy theories and there are real stories that are treated as conspiracy theories.

User 447 80746s ago

Yet another epic article from you, once again on point, and once again useful.

User 185 80746s ago

Bold move, finally someone can talk about it openly, without hesitation and fear.

User 277 80746s ago

This is just ridiculous, I never said it, you must have mistaken me with someone else David.

User 786 80746s ago

Fat, I’m officially fat and it is extremely hard to lose weight, what should I do?

User 62 80746s ago

Is there any possible way to prevent cats from fighting each other? Any suggestions maybe?

User 209 80746s ago

I’m looking forward to Google VR technology? When is release data by the way?

User 112 80746s ago

Hey, sorry, scrub here, how do you find faulty device?

User 49 80746s ago

I can’t eat hot food, or drink hot tea, some people do it so easily as if it is no big deal.

User 916 80746s ago

Lovely article, I enjoy your posts all the time, I hope we can see more of it next Sunday as well.

User 641 80746s ago

The world will suffer great wars before we will manage to switch from a unipolar world to multipolar.

User 952 80746s ago

I just read old books and I can’t stop thinking how awesome old days were, people had respect for each other and people had real values…