Tram 32

User 641 81061s ago

Look! In the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane. Or is it a hellicopter? No actually I think it is a bird. Or maybe I'm just seeing things. Who knows... After 10 shots of Whiskey things start to get a bit strange.

User 661 81061s ago

I have to admit, I had no idea what Coub was a couple of days ago, now I’m addicted to it and can’t stop watching it.

User 801 81061s ago

What about indigo kids? What kind of phenomena is that and what they can offer to the world?

User 123 81061s ago

Mom jokes in online games are as common as noobs.

User 457 81061s ago

Check your PM Linda, I have sent all the necessary errors which you were looking for, hope you will find my report useful.

User 320 81061s ago

Oh, you are so hilarious and funny, I like this method of communication with your followers, you are good person.

User 851 81061s ago

With that being said we can safely assume that washing hands frequently is actually a good thing to do.

User 480 81061s ago

Can someone give me an example? Otherwise, I can’t understand this situation at all, I need a visual example.

User 903 81061s ago

Do you love to have conversation with intelligent people? I do, I love debates as well and augmented statements.

User 655 81061s ago

Does anyone remember the old game from PS 1? Twisted Metal, I loved these game series so much…

User 838 81061s ago

What a pile of garbage new JB album is, well pretty much like all of his previous ones...

User 473 81061s ago

I know what I’m saying, you have to delete that exact file if you want to remove soft fully, otherwise it won’t work.

User 130 81061s ago

Healthy sarcasm is a good thing I agree with you, but sarcasm is not acceptable in serious situations…

User 737 81061s ago

How high is the highest building in the world? The view from above must be fantastic.

User 333 81061s ago

I have such a wonderful memories with old console games… Games like Mario, Tanks, Looney Tunes, etc.

User 79 81061s ago

Guys update your content from time to time, this post is already way too old thus making it irrelevant.

User 147 81061s ago

How fast do you read usually? It takes me a while because my eyes are kind of problematic, but I still read a lot.

User 937 81061s ago

I did some research on the internet the other day, now I am one of the conspiracy theorists.

User 661 81061s ago

Bought your product a while ago and it is still doing his job, very reliable!

User 401 81061s ago

Who needs tips anyway? All the games are pretty much the same. If you are an experienced gamer you don't need tips.

User 357 81061s ago

If it comes to it, I’d rather delete my character than play new patch. New update is total garbage.

User 17 81061s ago

I don't have any faith is social media platforms, people there are usually fake. If you want a real relationship, you should meet them in person.

User 141 81061s ago

One more stupid suggestion in this comments section and I will lose my mind for good.

User 59 81061s ago

Too much hate speech in comments section, guys watch your words carefully and stop hurting other people’s feelings.

User 38 81061s ago

Why complicate things? When you can simplify everything and follow old scenario.

User 485 81061s ago

I have an awesome profile, I have answered a lot of problems and I have many likes.

User 482 81061s ago

Would love to hear your opinion about the new video game called - Cyberpunk. I have heard that this game is very popular.

User 665 81061s ago

I always find it funny how people think that there are only black and white colors in life, I mean there is so much hidden among shades of the grey...

User 257 81061s ago

How can people live without music? I can’t even handle single day without it.

User 795 81061s ago

Bad time stories have such an amazing scenarios, you can even make good movie from it.

User 168 81061s ago

I want to learn programming more than anything else, I want to be able to freely write different software.

User 349 81061s ago

The last boss is impossible to beat, I can’t think of any possible strategies, nothing works.

User 601 81061s ago

Do you ever think about if there is life on other planets? In other solar systems, I wonder what kind of form life has there, must be weird and amazing at the same time.

User 369 81061s ago

My PC handles video rendering pretty well, despite the fact that my soft uses CPU for rendering and ignores GPU completely.

User 199 81061s ago

I really want to trust someone fully, I really want to open up but consequences can be really painful, for example, betrayal...

User 878 81061s ago

I hate it when the weather is too hot, I get sweaty and my working results drop dramatically.

User 260 81061s ago

Working on your project and on your own ideas is a very pleasant thing to do, don't you agree?

User 541 81061s ago

Is it me or we are witnessing new geopolitical shift? Old empires are losing their power and new ones are rising one by one.

User 731 81061s ago

We all should have the opportunity to get a two-week vacation once every 4-5 month, otherwise, life is really hard.

User 283 81061s ago

Using team viewer was a good idea, now I can access my home PC from my work and use it whenever I want.

User 904 81061s ago

Had some doubts before, but now when I look on your blog, I understand that it was great idea to invest in your project.

User 702 81061s ago

Sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it afraid.