Waterfall 33

User 369 84438s ago

Do you know what your main problem is? Laziness, you always leave your job on the halfway.

User 62 84438s ago

I don't really pay a lot of attention to clothing, I pay more attention to person who is wearing it and what kind of personality they have.

User 736 84438s ago

Unbelievable, you did it again and this time your work is more impressive than before.

User 984 84438s ago

Keep in mind that current solution only works in 2017 versions, new gadgets have new OS.

User 494 84438s ago

I hate it when it is hot, I get sweaty very easily and it is very discomforting for me.

User 946 84438s ago

I am all for good relationships, to be honest, but sometimes we need to keep a distance, that is just how life works.

User 258 84438s ago

This thread is really interesting, but I was hoping to see information about new Half Life 3.

User 156 84438s ago

Not sure if it is good thing or bad thing, I might even say that it is neutral.

User 661 84438s ago

My teacher said that I was bad at math, she was wrong, I learned it later in the university and I was good at it.

User 536 84438s ago

I got red-faced, never felt so humiliated before, this situation… I just want to delete this moment from my life.

User 777 84438s ago

Just relax mate, don’t take it too seriously, flaming in online games in ordinary thing…