Girl 10

User 911 80856s ago

Do you enjoy more action games or mind games? I love both of them.

User 702 80856s ago

I find it hard to kill time while I’m at work, what about you? How do you handle this situation?

User 722 80856s ago

Dream work? I guess if it will involve planet research, if it will involve scientific work, if it will involve intelligent community I can definitely call it my dream job.

User 76 80856s ago

Is it a good idea to buy a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse? How often do you need to change batteries?

User 939 80856s ago

By the way, how did you manage to find this solution so fast? Did you just Google it???

User 817 80856s ago

Is it hard to write a mobile application? I’m interested in writing a tourism application.

User 863 80856s ago

I always try to kill some time on my work with the help of Coub and it really works.

User 225 80856s ago

Anyone here thinks that we will have huge Bull Run in BTC soon? Maybe the global economic crisis can trigger it.

User 457 80856s ago

I’m still gathering information, I need more data in order to say final word.

User 132 80856s ago

Did you see latest Dota 2 International? What an amazing teamplay, epic gaming skills.