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User 918 83665s ago

Popularity is not really interesting for me, I find it boring and kind of troublesome as well. I believe I’m an introvert.

User 510 83665s ago

Which one is better for weight loss? Exercise or diet? Which one should have more priority?

User 603 83665s ago

I am looking for some gift ideas, please share your experience and don't hesitate to give me some advice.

User 48 83665s ago

Thank god that there is anime and games as well, otherwise I wouldn’t have point in living.

User 186 83665s ago

I still remember how impressive my first visit to theater was... First one is always so memorable.

User 177 83665s ago

World Skills is my kind of tournament, a lot of people come together and they compete with their skills, this is so awesome and helpful for everyone.

User 288 83665s ago

Is it true that YouTube started banning conservative bloggers? Can we consider it as censorship?

User 856 83665s ago

Karma, what goes around comes around, so watch your deeds and think twice.

User 552 83665s ago

Emotions are less important for me, I prefer to guide my life according to logic and reason.

User 656 83665s ago

I love smell of rain so much, this reason alone makes want to visit England, rain there is common thing.

User 870 83665s ago

Had some doubts before, but now when I look on your blog, I understand that it was great idea to invest in your project.

User 56 83665s ago

Ugh! I hate when people correct my grammatical mistakes.

User 304 83665s ago

Why is education so expensive in the USA? This is actually a huge problem, a student with a loan of 50k and above in awful thing.

User 802 83665s ago

Why 9GAG forbids image comments in some cases? I’m upset : (

User 875 83665s ago

Lifting weights is good, but if you want to burn calories you should start running. Running is the best solution to lose weight.

User 77 83665s ago

I guess I was born too early, sadly space exploration is hard these days and my hobby is related to astronomy.

User 551 83665s ago

I wish people cared as much about the Earth as they did about who they think created it.

User 624 83665s ago

Which mail service are you using and why? I love to use ProtonMail, I chose it for simplicity.

User 339 83665s ago

Emotions are less important for me, I prefer to guide my life according to logic and reason.

User 272 83665s ago

Nervous? Not really, but it really pisses me off to see how some people are neglecting with their responsibilities.

User 628 83665s ago

Weird question, but who is author of this amazing post? Include name please.