Ford GT 8

User 439 80136s ago

I don’t watch TV anymore, it is all a big lie, full of fake news, full of negativity and lies. I started to follow independent bloggers on YouTube, they seem more reliable.

User 696 80136s ago

I don't like it at all, not one bit, I feel like a global economic crisis is upon us.

User 71 80136s ago

So, what do you think about ending of Endgame? It was kind of sad right?

User 183 80136s ago

My favorite font? Well, I like using Calibri, it is clean and reads really well.

User 511 80136s ago

I just read news which stated that scientists are working on creating an artificial sun on the Earth, is it safe?

User 642 80136s ago

We need more people on this forum in order to keep it alive, we need more open conversations!

User 556 80136s ago

Which name do you like the most? I like the name Bob, it is pronounced easily and sounds awesome as well.

User 284 80136s ago

Underrated, your blog is really underrated, more people should know about it.

User 463 80136s ago

Just focus on your thing, I can handle my part without problem.

User 391 80136s ago

Nah, I don’t have mood, I don’t have the strength and I don’t have the motivation, we can play tomorrow.

User 584 80136s ago

Hey admin or moderator, you there? Look around, this comment section is full of spammers...

User 366 80136s ago

Awww, so cute, you wrote this article for me honey?

User 821 80136s ago

The last boss is impossible to beat, I can’t think of any possible strategies, nothing works.

User 618 80136s ago

Real issue is lack of motivation, we don’t know where we are going and we don’t know what we want.

User 814 80136s ago

Swimming is so relaxing, I really love the sea, it brings me comfort and peace.

User 893 80136s ago

I love smell of rain so much, this reason alone makes want to visit England, rain there is common thing.

User 508 80136s ago

Took me a while to realize that my keyboard was not printing one of the letters.

User 485 80136s ago

You are troll and you are sarcastic all the time and it is impossible to talk with you about real issues.

User 673 80136s ago

I’m looking for professional music teacher, I want to learn playing on piano.

User 397 80136s ago

It is kind of unusual to enjoy winter? To enjoy cold weather and dark clouds?

User 926 80136s ago

Plastic is killing our planet slowly, we have to find some solution for this problem. I think plastic eating bacteria is correct choice.

User 934 80136s ago

Stop telling lies already, it makes me sick. Grow up and take responsibility for your words.

User 239 80136s ago

A popular point of view, but not correct. You see just because the majority of people think so, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right.

User 743 80136s ago

Quick question: where do I order your service? I’m impresses, you guys are awesome.

User 451 80136s ago

Here is my problem, I find it hard to focus on one subject for more than two months or so, any help?

User 381 80136s ago

I still remember ASL PLZ, I used Yahoo back then and it was all over the chat, funny days : D

User 404 80136s ago

Any ideas why Luffy’s Haki color has changed? It was yellow in Wano, which is pretty weird.

User 41 80136s ago

What is Pepe The Frog? I came across with this thing couple of days ago and I have no idea what it is.