Hexagons 14

User 467 77314s ago

I hate it when people start to talk about politics, I don’t find it appropriate or interesting at all.

User 555 77314s ago

Just when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find solution for my problem, BOOM, your blog. You guys helped me a lot, thank you.

User 586 77314s ago

Is it true that YouTube started banning conservative bloggers? Can we consider it as censorship?

User 848 77314s ago

I got banned, I talked to GM about it, he carefully reviewed my case and he removed ban, simple.

User 854 77314s ago

Bad time stories have such an amazing scenarios, you can even make good movie from it.

User 101 77314s ago

Most of the trending music nowadays is just total garbage, listening to it is painful for my years.

User 185 77314s ago

Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a mans soul and faith And I was round when jesus christ Had his moment of doubt and pain.

User 265 77314s ago

I still can’t figure out where is connection between my headache and lack of enough water in my organism.

User 991 77314s ago

Getting ready for summer Steam sales, hope I will grab good offers and increase my game library.

User 770 77314s ago

Guys, you will really expand life span of your phone if you will charge it while it is turned off.

User 961 77314s ago

I just can’t wait anymore, I wait and wait for the new crypto bull run and all I get instead is a constant bear market.

User 269 77314s ago

How can I be only employee left without vacation? Where is fair share? Where is my rest?

User 259 77314s ago

Using other people’s kindness for your own egoistic interests is a very bad thing to do.

User 274 77314s ago

Just finished studying and I’m so happy to see new article from you, gonna grab tea and start reading.

User 167 77314s ago

Jane is right, she was 100% right about this issue, follow her guide step by step and you will resolve this bug.

User 778 77314s ago

Give me some time bro, it is a pretty complicated case even for me, I have to focus well in order to fix it.

User 10 77314s ago

At least I still have my games, I can forget about her more easily now…

User 726 77314s ago

Can you like expand this guide more, include more images, more sources, etc?

User 843 77314s ago

My favorite zone in WoW is outland, it is like a dream world, a place where I would love to live. Outland is so beautiful, mysterious and amazing. Hats off to the author who imagined all of this.

User 224 77314s ago

I hate energy drinks, I have read some medical articles regarding popular energy drinks and they have a horrible influence on our body.

User 974 77314s ago

Gone in the WoW, you won’t see me for a while, I have to max out my main character.

User 920 77314s ago

Bad time stories have such an amazing scenarios, you can even make good movie from it.

User 34 77314s ago

Carrots, if you want to help your body grow higher you should eat more carrots, plus it is good for your health.

User 271 77314s ago

You are true friend, I will share your post on my social media accounts, hope it will be helpful for you.

User 544 77314s ago

Strong people usually don’t get love, they easily get respect, but never love. This is really sad and painful.

User 705 77314s ago

Your story is so touching, to go through so much pain, you must be a really strong person.

User 273 77314s ago

In order to achieve your goals you will have to work really hard, but here is the problem – it will take all of your free time and energy.

User 318 77314s ago

Which VR headset is the best today you were asking? HTC Vive of course, waiting for second gen...

User 474 77314s ago

So many old gamers came back to WoW, this actually made me very happy, to see old people coming back is priceless. For the Horde!

User 893 77314s ago

As usual, just what I was looking for. You guys never disappoint me, I always find what I need.

User 636 77314s ago

Sometimes 9GAG shares such a hilarious memes, that I can stop laughing, srsly you should see how funny their jokes are.

User 377 77314s ago

Wait a minute, I had a similar dream last night, it was amazing and I woke up with a feeling of happiness.

User 257 77314s ago

I got banned, I talked to GM about it, he carefully reviewed my case and he removed ban, simple.

User 342 77314s ago

So you want success in life? It is actually pretty easy, all you have to do is to put the effort into your work.