Haloween_ 12

User 530 82460s ago

Question more, ask everything you want and do your best to learn more.

User 731 82460s ago

Looking forward for more tips from you, previous ones were helpful, thanks.

User 560 82460s ago

I’m so happy, I took couple of painting lessons and I already feel like little Michelangelo.

User 151 82460s ago

Why new Skype is so bad? It was perfection before and after update it is total rubbish.

User 536 82460s ago

I’m good in painting, I can easily paint outline of my hand… LOL.

User 325 82460s ago

Got it, I finally figured out what your post was all about, thank you.

User 198 82460s ago

What scares me the most? Well, I guess death is a really spooky thing, just imagine you die and you lose all of your memories and all of your personal characteristics.

User 775 82460s ago

I’m telling you, he had wallhack, I’m like 100% sure in it, he is cheater!

User 481 82460s ago

Can you just once share your source? I trust that your info is valid, but I really need to know the source…

User 692 82460s ago

I used the wrong password three times in the row and my account got blocked, someone help, please.

User 844 82460s ago

I think I improved my gaming skills over the time, took me a while, but result was worth it in the end.

User 227 82460s ago

How often do you post new articles? I really like your work and I would love to subscribe to your newsletter.

User 191 82460s ago

Do you remember old legend which stated that placing cactus next to PC was lowering radiation incoming from monitor?

User 733 82460s ago

Lame movie actually, boring scenario, boring story and most important poor acting from MC. I'm really disappointed!

User 767 82460s ago

Any chance that there is something wrong with your keyboard? All other options are not possible.

User 968 82460s ago

I hate silence, I often turn on the TV to not feel lonely, it is really helpful in some cases.

User 501 82460s ago

I need really high quality sleep, 10 hours or so would be nice : D

User 426 82460s ago

Did you enjoy latest movie of One Piece? I loved it, so many emotions, so much action and things like that.

User 36 82460s ago

Where have you been all this time? I thought you abandoned content writing a while ago.

User 876 82460s ago

Do you think you are a nerd? Please, back in the days I was a hardcore otaku and I watched entire seasons per day

User 685 82460s ago

Did you enjoy latest movie of One Piece? I loved it, so many emotions, so much action and things like that.

User 926 82460s ago

You made my day, thank you so much for it, I laughed so hard that I almost pissed myself : D

User 825 82460s ago

Guys where can I find good guide for Arduino? I think I’m interested in this.

User 884 82460s ago

Do you believe in magic? I do, I think that strong faith in something can materialize our feelings and thoughts.

User 788 82460s ago

I don't like to stay in social groups often, I have better results when I work alone, how about you?

User 840 82460s ago

Super rare items in WoW require from you to type word delete if you want to remove it.