Helicopter Ride 13

User 153 79049s ago

Doctor Who used to be awesome in the past, I couldn’t force myself to watch the new season, I just can’t watch how my favorite TV show is dying slowly.

User 157 79049s ago

I have high hopes for VR technology, I see the full potential of it in education, medicine, science, etc.

User 486 79049s ago

Guys, can someone give me a good anime recommendation, please?

User 45 79049s ago

You deserve your readers respect and you have done outstanding job by this article.

User 180 79049s ago

I have just finished reading The World in My Pocket, funny thing is that people can actually do such horrible deeds for the sake of money and power.

User 436 79049s ago

Either I am crazy or rest of the world (or both at the same time, LOL).

User 100 79049s ago

People don't play Return Man 3 anymore? This game was so popular in the past, what happened?

User 204 79049s ago

Searching for arena partner, looking for skilled rogue or mage, I need someone to control enemy healer.

User 98 79049s ago

Do you even understand what caused your problem? You don’t have any antivirus on your system and malware damaged your system.

User 590 79049s ago

I feel like I need more time, more time to clear my head, more time to find new approach and more time to start everything from the beginning.

User 72 79049s ago

You really should invest more in yourself, improve your knowledge as well as health condition, improve the quality of your life you know.

User 693 79049s ago

Inflation is number one public enemy, I can see how expensive products are these days and it is horrible.

User 839 79049s ago

Keep in mind that we are doing it for the first time as well, so be more patient and give us some time to figure it out.

User 84 79049s ago

I’ve had enough of this, I gave you chance to change, I gave you chance to fix this problem and you did nothing!

User 284 79049s ago

I hate that feeling which you get from being drunk, I hate it so much. I hate how I can’t focus, how I can’t think with clear mind, as if I’m losing myself.

User 884 79049s ago

Not really, you could try it if you don’t believe me, but I’m almost sure that you will waste your time.

User 913 79049s ago

I will most likely put my savings in gold, fiat is not really safe anymore.

User 491 79049s ago

Handy blog, I always come here when I want to find some solution or guide.

User 310 79049s ago

Spoilers here, guys what do you think about death of Iron man? Is there any way to see him back in the movies again?

User 223 79049s ago

How to pet your cat correctly? Well, it is individual, some cats do like being petted at all.

User 392 79049s ago

I always used to be weirdo and I always thought it was cool.

User 935 79049s ago

You nailed it, that third paragraph was on point, exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

User 296 79049s ago

Find your perfect teammate, play together, finish dungeons together and earn rewards. Join our clan!

User 786 79049s ago

I want to get some big house, with a big green field, various trees, and cats all over the place. Awesome dream right? I hope I can achieve it in the future.

User 742 79049s ago

I hate when people don’t respect public rules, when they place trash in the inappropriate places, when they talk too loud, etc.

User 632 79049s ago

I like it when things are simple, with no headache, no drama, and no discomfort, sadly the situation is opposite usually.

User 278 79049s ago

Not really interested or something, I am just a little bit of curious that is all.