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User 999 80054s ago

Random question, anyone knows which site describes programming in the easiest way possible?

User 180 80054s ago

I enjoy building different models, starting from jets and ending with submarines.

User 115 80054s ago

Fillers in anime are a real headache for me, this is so annoying when you can see normal episode coz of fillers.

User 143 80054s ago

I’m afraid of flying, I always prefer to use train, bus, other transport. I always get nervous during flights.

User 140 80054s ago

Doing my maximum, it will take some time, but I think I will be able to fix this issue, just give me some time.

User 597 80054s ago

Thanks for sharing, can you please check your inbox I have sent some questions regarding your blog.

User 387 80054s ago

I hate social events, parties and talking and things like that, it is not really my thing. I guess I am an introvert after all.

User 567 80054s ago

I belong to people that can handle most of the problems all by themselves, but from time to time, I kinda need moral support.

User 388 80054s ago

Funny isn’t it? How quickly world changes and all of this because we have the technology and we can rely on it.

User 260 80054s ago

Common mistake is to trust people with good looks, thinking that their outer beauty and their inner beauty is the same. It’s not!

User 883 80054s ago

Chewing bubble gum in public is not really nice thing to do, anyway, this is how I see it, you might have a different opinion.

User 225 80054s ago

What scares me the most? Well, I guess death is a really spooky thing, just imagine you die and you lose all of your memories and all of your personal characteristics.

User 12 80054s ago

Anyone knows good market which distributes healthy food only? No GMO please…

User 555 80054s ago

Funny, you are funny, but thing is that being funny isn’t enough anymore.

User 172 80054s ago

How pathetic, the author is doing his best to share some decent content and all the people in the comments section are just trolling and sharing toxic comments.

User 110 80054s ago

Charging my phone sometimes takes 3-4 hours, is problem related to my phone or with my charger?

User 621 80054s ago

Oh, here we go again, yet another common mistake that ruined the whole program and caused a fatal error.

User 459 80054s ago

Conservative parties are on the rise, sooner or later they will become the dominant force in the world.

User 633 80054s ago

I like articles like this, articles that are user-friendly, articles written in simple language, easy to understand.

User 921 80054s ago

My nephew said that we have good imagination because we used to read a lot in childhood.

User 348 80054s ago

Pennywise is such an interesting character, in the end, it is hard to tell if he is some kind of monster or humanoid, what is your theory about him?

User 219 80054s ago

Add more info to your posts please, your article lacks content and is not informative enough for my project.

User 410 80054s ago

You taught me so much in single article alone, I admire your writing skills.

User 999 80054s ago

Do you guys also enjoy the 2048 game? I played Dota 2 edition of it and it was awesome.

User 26 80054s ago

Space traveling will become affordable in the future and we can have space tourism finally, just imagine opportunities it can offer us.

User 369 80054s ago

10 out of 10, sir you are pro and you are intelligent beyond impossibility.

User 859 80054s ago

I love to have deep conversation with people, a meaningful and interesting conversation with a cup of tea.

User 156 80054s ago

Guys don’t fight each other over who would be better president, Trump or Hillary... this discussion is pointless.

User 933 80054s ago

And you decided to talk about it here why exactly? What made you think that it was a good idea??

User 842 80054s ago

Done deal, so we can meet tomorrow and discuss our project and have a cup of coffee right?

User 137 80054s ago

I know the answer to your third question, if this comment gets more than a hundred likes I will share answer.

User 718 80054s ago

Your post touched my heart, I almost felt young again, after all these years, I was able to feel same way as I used to, when I was five years old.

User 213 80054s ago

Controlling my emotions was the hardest part when I have heard that the other guy was getting a promotion instead of me.

User 220 80054s ago

Guys invite me to your party please, I don’t have achievement, but I watched couple of tutorials and I know what to do.

User 883 80054s ago

Press like if you think that modern society needs more spirituality.

User 708 80054s ago

Lazy people always find easiest solutions, it is actually true, there are statistics…

User 699 80054s ago

Pretty good post, but I would love to hear more about how to get more subscribers to my YouTube channel.

User 374 80054s ago

Stop repeating the same concept over and over again, it did work a while ago, but it is no longer valid.

User 179 80054s ago

Chewing bubble gum in public is not really nice thing to do, anyway, this is how I see it, you might have a different opinion.