Blood for the blood god_ 1

User 942 81303s ago

Click on send button if you want to contact us directly.

User 383 81303s ago

My beard grows way too fast, I have to shave it almost every morning, this is kind of problematic for me.

User 491 81303s ago

You should only trust your motivation, your hard work and your attitude, trusting politicians will not bring you any good, remember it!

User 779 81303s ago

Oh dear, just look at all of this fake news around us. Where can I find reliable news source?

User 205 81303s ago

Just look around, some people are so dumb that it is fascinating, how can they be this stupid?

User 351 81303s ago

Is it okay if I will search for WoW clan members in this comment section?

User 626 81303s ago

Which brand is better in terms of quality and reliability? I believe Lenovo is a decent brand.

User 249 81303s ago

What do you guys think about the latest update? Was it useful for you? Did it fix your problems? Please send your feedback.

User 627 81303s ago

If you think that in other places it is all unicorns and rainbows you are mistaken, my friend.

User 28 81303s ago

Would love to hear your opinion about the new video game called - Cyberpunk. I have heard that this game is very popular.

User 907 81303s ago

I entered the wrong password three times in a row, now I have to wait 10 minutes to unlock it.

User 282 81303s ago

Time to unite my fellow gamers, time to call yet another raid against dungeon bosses, time to conquer leaderboards and become legends!

User 27 81303s ago

Guys I have forgotten the password for my computer… Any suggestions? Please? Anyone?

User 382 81303s ago

Noobs, noobs everywhere and feeding and raging and trash talking, Dota 2 gives me headache sometimes.

User 477 81303s ago

Do you ever look at night sky and wonder what kind of worlds are out there, how big they are, how different they are and whether or not if there are living creatures out there?

User 912 81303s ago

Google is showing weird results lately, I think old search engine was better.

User 988 81303s ago

What is Bitcoin? Can someone give me simple explanation? I have no clue...

User 658 81303s ago

Life is hard, it is even harder if you are stupid, so please people educated yourself more.

User 285 81303s ago

I got a healthy recipe for those who are looking for a way to prepare a quick meal, I can share it with you ; )

User 85 81303s ago

Stop dwelling in the past, you can't find peace of mind there, it is time to move on.

User 972 81303s ago

In order to achieve your goals you will have to work really hard, but here is the problem – it will take all of your free time and energy.

User 195 81303s ago

Traveling in India was amazing, I have seen so many magnificent building, India has really rich culture and ancient as well.

User 163 81303s ago

Zoom in, if you want to see everything in details press Ctrl button and use mouse scroll.

User 292 81303s ago

We have various methods to fight recession, I wonder if it is too late to take these measures.

User 995 81303s ago

I have like six working days in the week, so far so good I'm okay, but if things don't change I can pretty much quit my current job.

User 89 81303s ago

How pathetic, the author is doing his best to share some decent content and all the people in the comments section are just trolling and sharing toxic comments.

User 343 81303s ago

It’s been a long time, since I have last held in my hands phone with buttons, funny feeling LOL.

User 995 81303s ago

My wallet is pretty much worn out, I plan to get a new one, any suggestions guys?

User 299 81303s ago

Fine, let’s play one more match, but I really have to go to sleep after that, I feel really tired.

User 89 81303s ago

We are not mad, we just need to find solution and I think you are the one who has to provide it.