Cupcake 6

User 346 82386s ago

Would love to hear your opinion about the new video game called - Cyberpunk. I have heard that this game is very popular.

User 975 82386s ago

Hats off to your writing skills mate, best which I have seen so far.

User 918 82386s ago

Enough is enough, stop this spam flooding already, admin prepare your mighty ban hammer!!

User 74 82386s ago

Trusting someone is really hard these days, people are not like what they used to be in the past, morality is rare...

User 959 82386s ago

I used to love hunting, now I hate it, to kill a living creature for fun and entertainment is just wrong.

User 428 82386s ago

It is pretty easy, my 10 years old son can fix it. I will explain everything, just give me some time.

User 469 82386s ago

Which animes are you watching right now? Please list some names, I am running out of animes, gotta find some new ones.

User 338 82386s ago

My phone battery is completely dead, people don't repeat my mistake, charge phone only when it falls below 20%.

User 145 82386s ago

Why girls hate cargo shorts so much? What is problem with it?

User 528 82386s ago

Their support section is so awful, it takes weeks for reply. I feel like only one person is working there, LOL.

User 835 82386s ago

There are a lot of different mysterious places in this world and I would love to visit any of them.

User 223 82386s ago

I started to feel worried about global safety, I feel like our planet is in danger and mother nature as well.

User 226 82386s ago

Only fools think that they know everything, fools and immature people.

User 956 82386s ago

Do you know about the water experiment? They used to test classical music on water and it had amazing results.

User 258 82386s ago

I love my cat so much, I wonder if you can send him outside from time to time if this is safe for a cat.

User 880 82386s ago

My boss is a cool guy, he is chill all the time and it seems like he hardly cares about anything.

User 328 82386s ago

Ooopsie, he is angry now, run for your life, RUN! Me is WoW raid = D

User 493 82386s ago

Like where is fun in that? Your advice can solve problems, but your methods are kind of boring.