Fog 7

Download patch, copy files in the installation directory and generate a key. Soft will start working.

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Of course I have hobbies and of course, I have interests, but I can’t follow my interests, I have to work a whole day long.

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I get frequent questions about the new patch, sad to inform you that I have no idea either what it can bring us.

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I just bought a couple of stickers for my bag and I am really happy with my purchase, do you guys want to see a picture of it?

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Young people seem very reckless these days, plus I am really worried about the rise of violence…

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Saw news couple of days ago that temperature is going to be really high today...

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Most of the people lack creative ideas, they can’t think outside the box and follow boring patterns in their projects.

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Took me a while to realize that this article was related with new version, not the old one. Silly me = D

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I can’t trust any government funded news outlets, I need to find independent journalists somewhere.

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What about ASMR? Have you tried it out yet? I was able to fight my depression with it.

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I’m searching for interesting person. Must be gamer, YouTuber and dreamer.

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From my point of view you are not right Sam, you made a mistake and you have to fix them yourself. This how I see it…

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Asking help for every tiny problem is a kind of ugly thing to do. Try to solve small problems yourself before whining about it in the comments section.

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After a long day of work, nothing feels as good as to shower and to listen to calming music.

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Awesome blog, people are so friendly and helpful, thank you guys for your time and effort.

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Routine, my work is a daily routine, it is boring and dull, I have to find something else, any ideas?

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I laugh so hard when people say that anime is for kids....

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Where do you get your facts? They usually are on point and I wanted to know your sources.

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I had the same kind of problem, do you know how I managed to fix it? Myself, by doing some online research.

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I just came here to read comments, don't mind me and do your thing people.

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Which animes are you watching right now? Please list some names, I am running out of animes, gotta find some new ones.

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Breakdance was a lot more popular in the past, what happened? People are less attracted to it nowadays.

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Which umbrella brand is the best? Or which brand has better umbrellas? I plan to buy one.

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Oh, no dear, you don’t have to take my word for it, there are countless sources that say exactly the same thing.

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FInding partner for life is not easy at all, I guess you have to have common interests in order to not get bored from each other.

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I love to take Ginseng and Ginger, it helps me to boost my immune system, plus there are some rumors that these products can lower the risk of getting cancer.

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I’m not going to describe it, not because I don’t want to, but because I have no idea how to express or describe this feeling with words.

User 476 266795s ago 35 : 15 : 3 Report Reply

Finding interesting job nowadays is harder than finding evidence of extraterrestrial life : D

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We need more people on this forum in order to keep it alive, we need more open conversations!

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Rest assured I will watch this movie and I will let you know about my opinion.

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I can’t copy text from your blog, what is this thing? Do you have some kind of restriction or something?

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I know one guy and he works in IT and his job seems pretty easy and simple, plus he has a really good salary.

User 955 266795s ago 25 : 22 : 3 Report Reply

Is there any way to find out how many people play Overwatch?

User 337 266795s ago 19 : 8 : 2 Report Reply

Laziness, lack of motivation, lack of new ideas, lack of creativity... Why these problems are so common nowadays?

User 21 266795s ago 34 : 19 : 3 Report Reply

This is a different case, I know which situation are you referring to, but trust me, this scenario has nothing to do with it.

User 7 266795s ago 12 : 8 : 2 Report Reply

When it comes to gaming I have huge experience, huge experience how to lose all matches and earn last position in charts : D

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