Castle 4

User 530 85484s ago

I just turned notifications off a couple of minutes ago and I still get them, is this some kind of PC virus or something?

User 145 85484s ago

You are correct, but that doesn't mean that your opponent is wrong. You are looking at the same thing but under different angles!

User 21 85484s ago

I did talk to administration, but they had no clue what could cause this error, I have to keep looking further.

User 310 85484s ago

I just love this forum, sure I don’t write here very often, but I really appreciate all of your solutions and they help me a lot.

User 945 85484s ago

Why we always talk about the weather? Let’s talk about something more interesting, please.

User 739 85484s ago

Had some doubts before, but now when I look on your blog, I understand that it was great idea to invest in your project.

User 740 85484s ago

What about other issues? This one is resolved okay, but other issues are also crucial.

User 262 85484s ago

Finding decent new music is really hard, I want to update my music library from time to time but I can't find anything decent.

User 255 85484s ago

In the future we will have VR rooms, VR houses, VR interior, VR pets and many more. VR world is coming, mark my words.

User 137 85484s ago

Conservative parties are on the rise, sooner or later they will become the dominant force in the world.

User 211 85484s ago

I’m not afraid of the next global crisis anymore, I’m already broke beyond impossibility : D

User 523 85484s ago

Popular people sometimes lose their connection with reality and they become arrogant, I think there is a term in psychology for such a case.

User 434 85484s ago

Is there any way to clone ancient animals? If so, why don’t we have mammoths yet?

User 690 85484s ago

I do get tired and I do lose motivation from time to time, but I always come back and I always finish my work