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User 991 77089s ago

Your deeds brought you here if you don’t like something blame it on yourself.

User 218 77089s ago

I just love this forum, sure I don’t write here very often, but I really appreciate all of your solutions and they help me a lot.

User 744 77089s ago

Yeah, your hardware is pretty much dead, from a condition that you have described it looks like physical damage.

User 920 77089s ago

It’s not like I hate my job, it’s more about having not enough time for everyday things.

User 282 77089s ago

In terms of laws of physics, how can we make a teleportation device? What would be a concept of it?

User 711 77089s ago

Number one reason why I love your blog is because you always update your old articles.

User 729 77089s ago

I have spent so much time in quarantine, I think I have already forgotten what it is like to live normally.

User 149 77089s ago

Nature always knows the right way, well done, well written indeed.

User 627 77089s ago

I and my bestie often visit that waterpark, we love that place so much, it is clean and waterslides are thrilling.

User 413 77089s ago

People mind your own business, none of us can say for sure who was right in this situation.

User 233 77089s ago

I’ve had enough of this, I gave you chance to change, I gave you chance to fix this problem and you did nothing!

User 985 77089s ago

Bet it felt good, to swim in the sea after all these months of working, I could use vacation as well.

User 104 77089s ago

Anyone managed to handle laziness before? I’m too lazy : (

User 410 77089s ago

Shut up and take my money, your service is amazing, you don’t have to prove anything else anymore.

User 940 77089s ago

I’ve seen some amazing cable management before, you are still far from it, but keep trying, you have potential.

User 91 77089s ago

How do you zoom in the browser? I lost my glasses and I can’t read text on this site, it is too small.

User 60 77089s ago

You sir are amazing, give that man a cookie for he was able to fix all bugs by himself.

User 677 77089s ago

I and my friends often play it together, we enjoy a challenge and we enjoy epic battles, yeah Tank Trouble 3 is awesome game indeed.

User 791 77089s ago

Geopolitical climate always changes, it never stands on the same place, old systems fall apart and new ones emerge.

User 517 77089s ago

I am not afraid, I just don’t want to do it in order to impress others. I am not interested in it at all.

User 552 77089s ago

Gamers are awesome, they are friendly, they are positive, but only when you will meet them in real life, in cyberspace things are a LITTLE bit different :D

User 430 77089s ago

How do you block phone messages? I want to disable all ads, they are making me nervous already.

User 361 77089s ago

There is special place in hell for people that say GG EZ after 1 hour of game, srsly.

User 122 77089s ago

I believe that there is some sort of alien life on Europe moon, vast oceans under the surface of it can host life.

User 161 77089s ago

Sunny is awesome ship, I’m really glad Mugiwaras have it, it is reliable and strong, plus it can fly with cola : D

User 205 77089s ago

I got banned, I talked to GM about it, he carefully reviewed my case and he removed ban, simple.

User 739 77089s ago

Funny how nearly all articles on this blog are super high quality. Are all you writers so smart?

User 215 77089s ago

Well done, you nailed it, exactly how I managed to learn everything in no time.

User 32 77089s ago

Before talking about new issues, we have to focus on old ones and fix them first or we will fail.

User 430 77089s ago

Hey, hope you are doing better than me and have a nice day mate.

User 430 77089s ago

People, someone help me please, tell me if there is any natural homemade remedy to cure a headache?

User 192 77089s ago

Can someone explain to me what is global warming and whether or not if it is real thing? Thanks in advance.