Photographer 26

User 209 79385s ago

I appreciate new anti-hack system of Steam, a lot of cheaters got banned instantly, now we can play again without hackers.

User 182 79385s ago

Oh honey, stop acting like as if you care, we all know that the only person you care about is yourself!

User 174 79385s ago

I have the same issue as you, I am afraid of loud noises and it makes me nervous.

User 735 79385s ago

Do you ever have feeling like you are living in a virtual space? As if everything is fake and already determined.

User 789 79385s ago

I have new hobby, filming movies with drones. I enjoy bird view so much.

User 816 79385s ago

I don’t really need problems right now, I will skip this project for now, need to finish previous one first.

User 977 79385s ago

It’s not like I hate my job, it’s more about having not enough time for everyday things.

User 828 79385s ago

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, today we want to thank our fellow author for writing this magnificent article and for helping us to resolve our problems, many thanks!

User 531 79385s ago

Unreal experience, diving is my favorite thing, now I will officially list it in one of my hobbies.

User 43 79385s ago

Why would you want to improve your PC specs further? You already have a pretty decent one.

User 381 79385s ago

When I read too much, I get headache and I feel pain starting from eyes, what can be reason?

User 945 79385s ago

Before calling me on this issue, show some effort yourself, try different solutions, try to find other ways or something.

User 339 79385s ago

Working on your project and on your own ideas is a very pleasant thing to do, don't you agree?

User 801 79385s ago

Job done, I fixed all your problems. Was kind of hard to handle third bug, but I managed to resolve it.

User 8 79385s ago

I hate it when I have no idea what to do, too much free time is almost as bad as lack of it.

User 238 79385s ago

When will you stop to make same mistakes over and over again? Can’t you learn from past mistakes?

User 172 79385s ago

I want to be better person, but people with kind heart, don’t last long in this world.

User 498 79385s ago

Guys, did you see a new Witcher trailer? It looks really awesome, right?

User 68 79385s ago

Maybe in another life, maybe another time I can learn to love my work.

User 542 79385s ago

What kind of keyboards do you love guys? I love wired ones and with LED light so I can see keys in dark.

User 293 79385s ago

Which one is better after all? Xbox or PS??? Eternal conflict between two companies.

User 222 79385s ago

On the scale from one to ten, how tired are you? Twelve, said John and went to bed.

User 707 79385s ago

Well, it might actually work, if you will use the right ways and right methods, but chances are small.