Porsche 2 27

User 458 84636s ago

Damn, I hate when I gain weight during winter. I don’t have time to exercise and I’m losing my shape.

User 845 84636s ago

I have new hobby, filming movies with drones. I enjoy bird view so much.

User 275 84636s ago

Wait for a second, I think I know author of this blog, is it you, Adam? PM me plz.

User 963 84636s ago

I have passion in my heart, passion for learning, passion for making new discoveries and passion for productive work, but it isn’t always like this you know, sometimes I feel sadness as well.

User 373 84636s ago

What a shame, to fail so hard on such an easy task, you need more practice…

User 163 84636s ago

Vast majority of user don't read article fully and hardly ever pay attention to small details.

User 621 84636s ago

Share kindness, inspire people, encourage them, show your positive attitude and life will reward you.

User 635 84636s ago

I hardly ever watch sport-related news, but I still appreciate how much dedication and love you have for this subject.

User 492 84636s ago

Does anyone remember the old game from PS 1? Twisted Metal, I loved these game series so much…

User 398 84636s ago

Guys, you will really expand life span of your phone if you will charge it while it is turned off.

User 152 84636s ago

Maybe in another life, maybe another time I can learn to love my work.

User 65 84636s ago

Getting my first project ready, it will take some time, but in the end you will love it, trust me.

User 318 84636s ago

After all these years I am still waiting for the second season of No Game No Life anime, I don’t even know if it will be released. Does anyone have any information about it?

User 546 84636s ago

I like tropical drinks, especially coconut drinks, they are so delicious and healthy as well.

User 18 84636s ago

Problem with your project is that, it looks like you haven't put enough effort in it.

User 72 84636s ago

Strong people usually don’t get love, they easily get respect, but never love. This is really sad and painful.

User 453 84636s ago

Temperature is falling and we are witnessing how summer is losing its position.

User 294 84636s ago

Some people share stupid tests on FB and it is so annoying, is there any way to block only posts which are about different tests?

User 889 84636s ago

After all these years, after all of this struggle and suffering, I can finally find peace and enjoy my solitude.

User 951 84636s ago

Once one wise person said that bad peace is always better than good war and he was right about it.

User 755 84636s ago

Hello darkness my old friend, awesome music, I really love Disturbed edition of it.

User 574 84636s ago

Lifting weights is good, but if you want to burn calories you should start running. Running is the best solution to lose weight.

User 278 84636s ago

I rarely use caps lock for typing, but when I do, I express my anger this way, IS THAT CLEAR FOR YOU?

User 582 84636s ago

I wonder what is an optimal time for taking shower, after the work for sure, but when exactly?

User 667 84636s ago

What scares me the most is that I don’t see a bright future for mankind, not until we will manage to evolve and change our mentality for good.

User 76 84636s ago

IDK about you guys, but I really enjoy more playing different games when I have free time.

User 356 84636s ago

You nailed it, that third paragraph was on point, exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

User 699 84636s ago

Does anyone know why current stars have such an awful lyrics in their songs?

User 657 84636s ago

Some people share so many posts on the Facebook... Why are they doing it?

User 994 84636s ago

Lack of motivation is just killing me and it is so hard to find inspiration nowadays.

User 686 84636s ago

Anyone knows how to make homemade monitor cleaner?

User 892 84636s ago

How to debug it? I failed so many times that I lost count.