Oranges 24

User 964 83193s ago

It is very important to have nice people at your work, otherwise life would be very hard.

User 998 83193s ago

You can’t argue with laws of physics, they are just correct no matter what you say and it doesn’t care about your mood either.

User 82 83193s ago

I know that you are making mistake, but there is no way you will listen to my advice right now...

User 227 83193s ago

I got these handy tools the other day and I must say they are very helpful. They are easy to use as well.

User 645 83193s ago

Is there any food thread on this forum? I would love to follow this thread.

User 207 83193s ago

Howard nailed it, such a funny comment, I can hardly stop laughing on it.

User 177 83193s ago

I hate when people point on my faults, but I always love to do it myself.

User 857 83193s ago

I just love this forum, sure I don’t write here very often, but I really appreciate all of your solutions and they help me a lot.

User 214 83193s ago

Karma, what goes around comes around, so watch your deeds and think twice.

User 953 83193s ago

Guys, how do you keep yourself entertained during quarantine? What do you do?

User 495 83193s ago

Basic education is so important, yet our education system completely ignores it.

User 707 83193s ago

Fact check is legit? I have no idea whom to trust these days, which blogs do you guys visit usually?

User 995 83193s ago

Educate yourself little bit more, before joining this conversation and bringing up your weak arguments.

User 750 83193s ago

Love this guide, do you have any social networks? I want to follow you there.

User 133 83193s ago

Where can I join your club guys? I can’t find the subscribe button and I can’t find your social networks either.

User 997 83193s ago

Google it, I hate when people tell me to Google it, like don’t you have your own opinion?

User 145 83193s ago

Okay, I’ll give it a try, but I’m full of doubts TBH.

User 250 83193s ago

Are you bored? Otherwise, I have no idea why would you want to cover this subject.

User 721 83193s ago

It’s been a long time, since I have last held in my hands phone with buttons, funny feeling LOL.

User 302 83193s ago

I hate modern pop music so much, it is awful and lacks talent.

User 602 83193s ago

People mind your own business, none of us can say for sure who was right in this situation.

User 308 83193s ago

I am a huge fan of programming, I really value possibilities it can offer, but sadly it is hard to learn.

User 183 83193s ago

Wash your hands before dinner, don't let bad bacterias to harm your immune system.

User 626 83193s ago

Sadly, very few people can understand intelligent jokes these days, humor is dying slowly.

User 429 83193s ago

I get this feeling that globalization killed the feeling of patriotism, I don't actually think that it is a bad thing.

User 755 83193s ago

By default, your language should be English in game menu, check settings again if you want to switch it.

User 163 83193s ago

Guys, did you see a new Witcher trailer? It looks really awesome, right?

User 384 83193s ago

Noobs, noobs everywhere and feeding and raging and trash talking, Dota 2 gives me headache sometimes.

User 151 83193s ago

Some people are so noisy, loud and annoying. Such people bring me a migraine and nothing else.

User 248 83193s ago

Really kind people explain everything in details, so I think that admin of this blog is really kind person.

User 215 83193s ago

Getting ready will be there in no time. Before I will get there text me what is your problem, please.

User 804 83193s ago

I find it funny when people design sites with the black background and white text, it looks so ugly...

User 725 83193s ago

I’m kind of scared of flight, I always prefer to travel by train or car, planes are making me nervous.

User 930 83193s ago

Just click the subscribe button and you already shared a new post, how do you people work so fast?

User 0 83193s ago

Stop losing your mind over pointless things, your overreaction is getting annoying...

User 306 83193s ago

Using team viewer was a good idea, now I can access my home PC from my work and use it whenever I want.

User 282 83193s ago

You sir deserve popularity, I’m pretty sure you will find it soon enough.

User 673 83193s ago

Super rare items in WoW require from you to type word delete if you want to remove it.

User 505 83193s ago

Diving is like visiting another world, another reality, it totally blows my mind every single time.

User 317 83193s ago

Productivity is the most important thing when it comes to building a business, keep an eye on it.

User 319 83193s ago

I belong to people that can handle most of the problems all by themselves, but from time to time, I kinda need moral support.

User 331 83193s ago

Who needs tips anyway? All the games are pretty much the same. If you are an experienced gamer you don't need tips.

User 744 83193s ago

When did you last have a deep conversation with someone? I believe it was a long time ago.

User 935 83193s ago

It was so funny, I lowered graphics of the game and I was able to see people hiding in the grass.

User 380 83193s ago

Where do you usually prefer to spend your holidays? I enjoy the sea, I love to swim and freediving is my hobby as well.

User 992 83193s ago

It was horrible and disgusting, I still can’t believe how bad I performed on the stage.

User 156 83193s ago

You taught me so much in single article alone, I admire your writing skills.