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User 790 79772s ago

Change your behavior, you are doing something wrong, this is exactly why you cant achieve your goals.

User 214 79772s ago

Stop losing your mind over pointless things, your overreaction is getting annoying...

User 690 79772s ago

How fast do you read usually? It takes me a while because my eyes are kind of problematic, but I still read a lot.

User 168 79772s ago

7th question, I find it kind of confusing, how do you people answer it?

User 386 79772s ago

A very informative guide, tips were helpful as well. I understood all the small details and it was really easy.

User 180 79772s ago

Howard nailed it, such a funny comment, I can hardly stop laughing on it.

User 936 79772s ago

When I read too much, I get headache and I feel pain starting from eyes, what can be reason?

User 756 79772s ago

I hate my work, they blocked browser games and I can no longer enjoy them, they were so awesome…

User 29 79772s ago

I still lack basic knowledge, this is problematic because without basic knowledge I can’t learn complicated stuff.

User 63 79772s ago

That sir, is amazing article, that sir is some outstanding work, you have my respect!

User 87 79772s ago

Do you read the rules? I usually accept conditions instantly without reading them, I know it is a bad idea, but reading all the rules is really boring.

User 655 79772s ago

Guys stop arguing in this thread, find some other place if you can’t hold yourself.

User 278 79772s ago

I remember that prices on the products weren't this high before, what happened to our economy people?

User 669 79772s ago

This is so awesome, I always thought that people, that post their solutions on forum are like little saints.

User 681 79772s ago

How can I find a difference in this situation? From my point of view, they are both the same.

User 544 79772s ago

Do you remember old legend which stated that placing cactus next to PC was lowering radiation incoming from monitor?

User 516 79772s ago

I just can’t wait anymore, I wait and wait for the new crypto bull run and all I get instead is a constant bear market.

User 368 79772s ago

Mind your own business people, Joe did nothing wrong here and all of you blaming him for something he is not responsible for, should be ashamed of yourselves.

User 41 79772s ago

Being right all the time is kind of boring, you hardly ever make any mistakes and people expect too much from you.

User 220 79772s ago

Yeah, your hardware is pretty much dead, from a condition that you have described it looks like physical damage.

User 578 79772s ago

Hey, hope you are doing better than me and have a nice day mate.

User 351 79772s ago

Thank god that there is anime and games as well, otherwise I wouldn’t have point in living.

User 745 79772s ago

A lot of spooky news I see, as if there is looming crisis and we have no clue about it yet.

User 80 79772s ago

Cheaters are destroying online games, they play unfair and this is horrible.

User 238 79772s ago

So I have finished reading manga and my life lost its meaning, need more manga suggestions ASAP.

User 471 79772s ago

Repeating the same mistake over and over again, you people have to think outside the box if you really want to resolve this issue.

User 465 79772s ago

Part of me is happy that it all ended, but part of me is scared, because future is unclear.

User 874 79772s ago

Mark map where you want to go and I will do my best to get you there, we travelers deserve a little bit of rest after all, right?

User 868 79772s ago

Is it me or comments section is flooded heavily with spam?

User 972 79772s ago

I’m bored, can’t read this post right now I will just go and play online games and maybe I will come back to it tomorrow, thanks for sharing it anyway.