Sand 31

User 466 84616s ago

Just like you told me, changing font solved all problems, thank you, kind sir, for your help.

User 999 84616s ago

This is just ridiculous, I never said it, you must have mistaken me with someone else David.

User 998 84616s ago

We are not mad, we just need to find solution and I think you are the one who has to provide it.

User 194 84616s ago

I was a little bit skeptical about this blog, but now I see how helpful it really is.

User 118 84616s ago

My new mount looks so cool, with special effects and flames and ambient effects. Amazing mount indeed.

User 200 84616s ago

Part of me is happy that it all ended, but part of me is scared, because future is unclear.

User 142 84616s ago

Where can I find all Google doodles? Someone give me a link if you know it please.

User 461 84616s ago

Lonely, I feel kind of lonely, but I also prefer to keep the distance with people, what do you call such a case?

User 692 84616s ago

Mark my words, Bitcoin will jump to the moon during this winter, it will be a glorious bull run.

User 690 84616s ago

I can’t take this heat, this summer, this sweating, discomfort, and stress are all over me due to high temp.

User 417 84616s ago

Guys, how do you keep yourself entertained during quarantine? What do you do?

User 415 84616s ago

IDK, it gets boring sometimes and I have no interest in it anymore.

User 681 84616s ago

Who is your favorite YouTube bloggers? Mine is PJW, he is cool and interesting.

User 899 84616s ago

I’m so proud of you, you are my favorite author and I’m glad to see that you are doing great.

User 105 84616s ago

I feel like I need more time, more time to clear my head, more time to find new approach and more time to start everything from the beginning.

User 976 84616s ago

What is the perfect gift for your girlfriend on her birthday? Would love to hear some suggestions.

User 864 84616s ago

I just watched short movies named Coda from YouTube (it is about death) and it was very impressive.

User 338 84616s ago

Is it me or our vacation seems very short? Ten days are not good enough, we work too much.

User 978 84616s ago

Zelda was amazing, I just can’t stop thinking about it, it was a pure masterpiece. 10/10!

User 228 84616s ago

I still remember how my classmates promised me to stay as friends forever, I hardly ever see any of them...

User 456 84616s ago

My nightmare? It was kind of weird and kind of fantastic as well, I can say that I have witnessed WWIII.

User 573 84616s ago

That sir, is amazing article, that sir is some outstanding work, you have my respect!

User 854 84616s ago

I just want to unlock that achievement, but my gaming skills are really bad, I just can’t finish fifth level.

User 864 84616s ago

Do you feel discomfort when you are eating with strangers? I do, it is kind of unpleasant experience.

User 292 84616s ago

Any way to determine if I have the right product? I believe I have to list more details for you to find out.

User 701 84616s ago

Do you know what is really heroic deed these days? It is trusting someone... Sad reality.

User 323 84616s ago

I started to feel worried about global safety, I feel like our planet is in danger and mother nature as well.

User 386 84616s ago

Make sure that you have the correct date and time, if it shows the wrong date fix it and the browser will work again.

User 490 84616s ago

I feel like my soul is a lot older than my body, I feel like knowledge and wisdom came in my mind from my previous life.

User 548 84616s ago

New trends are crazy and don't make sense at all, where we are going people? Don't lose your mind!

User 2 84616s ago

How many gamers are in this thread… how are you guys? Hope you are doing all well.

User 621 84616s ago

I have seen funny guild names before, but yours… yeah well done, whoever came with this idea.

User 58 84616s ago

I’m really bad at computer technologies. I can’t even create e-mail account : D

User 99 84616s ago

Lonely, I feel kind of lonely, but I also prefer to keep the distance with people, what do you call such a case?

User 666 84616s ago

Hold a minute, this post is actually copy from my favorite blogger! Shame, shame, shame.

User 626 84616s ago

Stop whining already, if you don’t like something, have some courage to change it.

User 460 84616s ago

I share my articles the same way as you do, but I don’t have restrictions on my blog, people can use whatever they want.

User 947 84616s ago

What is your favorite snack? I love potato chips very much, but I always try to keep my distance with it, this snack is dangerous and bad for your health, but it is so delicious…

User 99 84616s ago

Start of Lost was so good and ending was awful, just like in GoT, LOL.

User 454 84616s ago

People demand too much from me, I can’t do ten different tasks at the same time, it is impossible.

User 62 84616s ago

Where can I buy a decent cat tree? You know what cat tree is right? It is a scratching post, a small house, and a resting place for cats.

User 713 84616s ago

Start of Lost was so good and ending was awful, just like in GoT, LOL.