Porsche 29

User 248 78390s ago

You are acting like uneducated person and you talk like one as well, you should be ashamed.

User 432 78390s ago

Awesome remedy for headache, natural and safe, love it.

User 759 78390s ago

Planning is a very important part of the process, without good planning all future steps are doomed and in vain.

User 819 78390s ago

My windows crashed and I lost all data, I was building PowerPoint presentation all day long and everything got wiped instantly.

User 615 78390s ago

I really enjoy typing fast and listening to the music at the same time, I kind of feel motivated.

User 338 78390s ago

I find it hard to kill time while I’m at work, what about you? How do you handle this situation?

User 921 78390s ago

Just finished reading last book of LOTR and my life lost its meaning, at least for now...

User 768 78390s ago

Is there any way to run troubleshoot on my phone and find out what is slowing it down?

User 441 78390s ago

Was interesting to check your work, will bookmark this site for future visits.

User 85 78390s ago

So did PewdiePie lose to T-series after all, I enjoyed this battle the most : D

User 846 78390s ago

I always love to talk with intelligent people, it is both pleasant thing to do and useful as well, you can learn so much.

User 62 78390s ago

I can't find a vendor for item enchantment, any suggestions?

User 795 78390s ago

In the end if you want to get job done, you have to do it yourself, remember this well.

User 891 78390s ago

So when I start up my PC my monitor is not working properly, but it all is fixed by itself after working for 15 minutes or so. What can be problem?

User 380 78390s ago

Where can I find hunted house in LA? I’m looking for adrenaline : D

User 466 78390s ago

Oh okay, sure no problem, just wanted to know your e-mail address so I can resolve my problems with your help.

User 620 78390s ago

I love how correctly Cyber Punk predicted the future, it is exactly like author imagined 30 years ago.

User 741 78390s ago

I gave it a try, I put my effort in it and yet again I failed miserably.

User 831 78390s ago

Anyone loves digital artwork? I think it is fascinating and amazing.

User 40 78390s ago

Shut up and take my money, your service is amazing, you don’t have to prove anything else anymore.

User 84 78390s ago

In time we will evolve, mentally physically and emotionally, but it will take a while, this process takes centuries.

User 801 78390s ago

Dream work? I guess if it will involve planet research, if it will involve scientific work, if it will involve intelligent community I can definitely call it my dream job.

User 167 78390s ago

Do you love to help people? Without hesitation and with an open heart of course, otherwise, it doesn’t count.

User 249 78390s ago

This place is like swamp and spam frogs are jumping all over the place.

User 372 78390s ago

I like to use digital artwork as my PC background, I also love to use different anime backgrounds as well.

User 15 78390s ago

I hate modern pop music so much, it is awful and lacks talent.

User 295 78390s ago

Is it hard to write a mobile application? I’m interested in writing a tourism application.

User 382 78390s ago

Can’t tell you when or where exactly, but I have read similar article in the past, I’m 100% sure about it.

User 98 78390s ago

Fun fact, it is okay to have different opinion and it is okay to talk about it.

User 422 78390s ago

Which vacuum cleaner is best? I am looking automated ones, robot vacuum cleaner, any suggestions?

User 312 78390s ago

Healthy sarcasm is a lot more important for me than good sense of humor.

User 169 78390s ago

Rare earth materials what are they? I heard about it in the news a couple of days ago and started to wonder.

User 392 78390s ago

Did you know humans can survive without food thirty days or so? I mean it sounds insane is it for real?

User 631 78390s ago

Put your mistakes away for a while, just breath, clean your head and start everything from clear paper.

User 960 78390s ago

Where do you get your facts? They usually are on point and I wanted to know your sources.

User 276 78390s ago

Some game cinematics are so motivating, they improve my attitude and my mood.

User 814 78390s ago

Not so long ago you were playing as well, but sadly you don’t have time for games these days do you?

User 776 78390s ago

Do good people, love each other and have respect for each other, share the love and the universe will reward you in the end…

User 908 78390s ago

Interesting guide author, but I prefer RPG games more than puzzle games.

User 342 78390s ago

Planning is a very important part of the process, without good planning all future steps are doomed and in vain.

User 7 78390s ago

Very inconvenient case, I had hard tasks before, but this one is different. Will do my best anyway.

User 225 78390s ago

I hate social events, parties and talking and things like that, it is not really my thing. I guess I am an introvert after all.

User 148 78390s ago

World Skills is my kind of tournament, a lot of people come together and they compete with their skills, this is so awesome and helpful for everyone.

User 948 78390s ago

Can anyone determine what kind of music is ambient? It sounds something like out of this world actually.