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User 934 85454s ago

What is the weirdest forum topic which you have ever come across in your life? I found a couple, I can’t really list them here : D

User 578 85454s ago

Guys no matter what HODL, market will grow again and bull run will start, just have some patience.

User 524 85454s ago

Saw news couple of days ago that temperature is going to be really high today...

User 456 85454s ago

Sad to see that youngsters prefer to sit next to computer all day long instead of playing outside.

User 269 85454s ago

Teaching us noobs like a pro, thank you master IT = D

User 642 85454s ago

Community is very important, for productive work you must have motivated and responsible people around you.

User 460 85454s ago

Turns out you were right after all, oh boy, who would have known… I admit that your arguments were real.

User 718 85454s ago

Manners please, this is an open conversation and your speech is not appropriate here.